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Welcome to  Vashafaru

Vashafaru is one of northernmost islands of Maldives, which makes it the perfect holiday destination for those who want to escape the crowds. It will take you 40 min of flight and about 20 min  of speedboat  ride to  reach the island, everything organised by us. All you need to do is get yourself a flight ticket to Velana International airport (MLE).


There are no crowds, no tourist traps, just amazing nature, friendly people and the most amazing turquoise lagoon.

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Maldives used to be high end luxury destinations. They still are, but from 2010 onwards normal mortals can also enjoy those pristine beaches. Thanks to tourism on local islands, there are now many budget options available in numerous guesthouses.


There are some cultural differences one needs to take in consideration when visiting local islands. Please mind the dress code, especially for ladies. As Maldives are a muslim country there are designated beaches where ladies can use bikini. On other areas please dress modestly (covered shoulders  and knees). Alcohol is also not allowed on  local islands, but there are many resorts nearby, where you  can  still get a sip or two 🙂

best time to visit

Best time to visit is from  May to  November.

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