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Boutique approach to customers service, top scuba diving services and trips, just sand and shoes. good vibes

Slovenia Sanja O.

I felt really secure diving with Aquaholic team. Janez was great guide, proffesional and friendly.

Italy Andrea C.

I loved my experience with Aquaholic Dive Center! They took care of me, from start to finish, in an exceptional and professional way, everything to feel safe !!! I recommend Aquaholic center Dive without hesitation to all diving enthusiasts or those who would like to try an unforgettable first experience !!!!

Canada Laurie P.

learn with us

Kiteboarding is a way of life, and once you try it, you'll get a perfect destress tool, total feeling of freedom and you'll meet a bunch of really cool people. Wait no more, let us share our passion with you.

first steps

Even though kiteboarding is not a very theoretical sport, it is important to learn about the basics before your first rides. In a short theory presentation you will learn about the wind window, wind directions and which ones are good for kiteboarding.

about equipment

Next step that you need before your fist ride is to get to know the equipment, how to setup your kite, how to properly attach the lines and of course the safety.


understanding the security systems of the kite is crusial to keep you safe. You will learn about security rules, safety equipment and what to do in situations when you loose control of the kite.

flying a kite

After the theory comes the fun part. You'll start off with a trainer kite, usually they are around 2 metres. This will give you the first experiences of flying a kite, controlling it and that first feeling of wind and its power. After that we'll hook you up to the real kite, of course under a watching eye of our guys.

Let's get wet

your first water lesson is body dragging. It is essential skill for each kiteboarder in case of lost board. This means that you will need to drag yourself upwind to recover it. To learn it, you'll go in the water hooked to the kite, but without board. Using the wind, you'll learn how to efficiently drag your body through the water upwind or downwind.

become a kiteboarder

Last step to a kiteboarder is a so called water start. A skill which you learn when you have mastered controlling your kite and body dragging. You'll go in the water with 'full equipment', and with help of the wind and kite control you'll take your first real feeling of kiteboarding. After this it's all just fun fun fun.

get ready

the lagoon is yours!


Make a splash with WaveRide, designed for everyone passionate about all things surfing.

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